Ultra Slim Power Banks Charge All Devices Supported by USB Charging

Powersolve announces two ultra slim power banks that will charge mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and any device that can be charged using a standard USB outlet.


The PSB3800 (3800mAh) and PSB8000 (8000mAh) use long-life cycle lithium polymer batteries to provide sufficient power to charge the average smart phone up to four times from a single charge. Both models are pocket-sized – the smaller PSB3800 measures just 100 x 59 x 11mm while the more powerful PSB8000 is 124 x 70 x 13mm.

The PS3800 will charge a typical smart phone 1.5 to 2 times while the larger model doubles the charging capability.  “There is a fast growing demand for power sources that provide a charging capability when away from a mains supply” says Peter Clark, Managing Director at Powersolve.  He continues, “So many power banks available today are simply not capable of providing enough power to charge a smart phone. In fact many do not even meet the maker’s claimed specification.  Ours provide enough power to charge practically any device that is normally charged via a PC USB outlet, USB phone charger or tablet PC charger”.

Both models feature simple operation and incorporate a pushbutton LED torch as well as LED indication of internal battery condition.  They come complete with charging cable and connectors for the most popular smart phones and mobile devices.

These Ultra Slim Power Banks Charge All Devices Supported by USB Charging

We have several power banks including the PSB3800 (3800mAh) and PSB8000 (8000mAh) on special offer with reduced prices, please click here to view our full product range.

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