PAG14AH4 Compact High Power Rechargeable Power Bank with Carry Case

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The PAG14AH4 Compact High Power Rechargeable Power Bank with camouflage Carry Case is the ideal product for people out and about and away from AC mains charging facilities for long periods. This product offers dual USB 5V charging outputs with 3.1A output current shared across both outputs. Ideal for charging two devices at the same time such as smart phones, tablet PC’s etc. The powerful 14,400mAh Lithium Polymer batteries can increase the talk and standby time on a typical smart phone by an incredible 8 or 9 times.

We are currently including a SOL5000 solar charger and battery power bank worth £19.95 absolutely free with each PAG14AH4 ordered


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Product Description

The compact PAG14AH4 Compact High Power Rechargeable Power Bank with Carry Case has a touch switch for on off control and a 4 led display to show battery charge condition. It is small enough to fit it coat pocket, handbag or rucksack and offers a high power density for it’s compact dimensions. It can charge any mobile device supported by USB charging and could increase battery power to most tablet PC’s by 2-3 times. Can be recharged using your own USB phone charger, PC USB port or any other USB charging device. Comes complete with USB to micro USB cable which will charge most devices. iPhones can be charged via their own standard charging cable.

Now includes a free protective camouflage carry case and 3 year warranty.

Additional Information

Weight 0.304 kg
Dimensions 12.45 x 7.3 x 2.25 cm
Battery Capacity

14,400mAh lithium polymer battery with built in protection circui

DC Output

Dual 5V USB outputs with 3.1 Amps output current shared across both outputs

Charging Time

10-16 hours depending on input charging current

Charger Input

5V 1.8A via micro USB port


3 years


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