A New Generation of Portable Power Banks

Smartphones are powerful, multi-functional devices designed to make full use of the increasing bandwidths available via mobile and fixed networks.

The only downside of the increased capability is a vastly limited battery life and the need to frequently recharge devices. As we all know, there are times when using a mains charger is not possible leading our smart phones to ‘die’ before they can be charged.  A great solution to this problem utilises Portable Power Banks.

Now, thanks to a new generation of portable Power Banks based on Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer battery technology, Smartphone users will always be able to charge and use their device even during extended periods away from the mains supply.

Once charged, a Power Bank will itself charge a Smartphone up to five times the number of charges depending on the Power Bank’s capacity. Power Banks can also be used to power and charge tablets, MP3 players, GPS, digital cameras and any device that can be charged using a standard USB cable.

Based in Newbury, Powersolve Electronics Ltd has introduced a wide selection of Power Banks including this powerful 10,400mAh model that has the capacity to charge the latest Smartphones up to five times and double the battery life of most tablets.

There is a growing demand for power sources that provide a charging capability for mobile devices when away from a mains supply

Says Peter Clark, Managing Director at Powersolve.  Clark continues, “So many Power Banks available today are simply not capable of providing enough power to charge a smart phone. In fact many do not even meet the maker’s claimed specification. Our Power Banks provide enough power to charge practically any device that is normally charged via a PC USB outlet, USB phone charger or tablet charger.”

The portable PAF10AH4 Power Bank uses long-life cycle Samsung Lithium Ion cylindrical batteries and provides two USB outlets, which means two devices can be charged at the same time. The PAF10AH4 Power Bank charges in 6.5 hours using the standard 2A USB charger supplied with the Smartphone, tablet etc and slightly longer if using a 1A USB charger. Operation is simple with a single pushbutton while LED indicators show its battery state of charge.

It measure just 136 x 58 x 22mm and comes complete with charging cable and connectors for the most popular smart phones and mobile devices. It has a recommended retail price of £39.95 including VAT.

We have several power banks on special offer with reduced prices, please click here to view our full product range.

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