Kandy Kidd a DJ Producer from Manchester

PowerSolve talks to Kandy Kidd. A DJ and Producer from New Islington, Manchester, Kandy Kidd spends his weekends travelling to venues, festivals and parties in the UK and further afield.


What do you love about your job?

Kandy-Kidd_04What do I love…good question.  Lots of things.  Meeting new people and going to new places is probably top of the list.  You can learn a lot about a place from the crowd at a gathering. The saying ‘variety is the spice of life’ is absolutely true for me as a DJ.  I might be DJing on a private yacht in Cannes for a rich socialite and jumping into the Med after I finish the session or I could be playing the house tent at British summer music festival.

I love the FREEDOM my job gives me.  I was never one for early mornings or stressful commutes to the office. One I’ve had my coffee and read the paper, I talk to my agent before going for a run.  After I’m PUMPED and ENERGISED I come back to my home studio to plan a set for one of my residencies or work on new tracks.  There’s also the geeky side of my work, which involves sourcing new technology or scouring record shops for new sounds and samples.

Kandy-Kidd_03If I’m touring, I have to be SUPER ORGANISED. Finding out I’ve forgotten something once I get to a destination would be a disaster because most shops are closed by the time I turn up.  Although most of my gear is compact, lightweight and easy to transport, knowing I have the right stuff in my bag takes the STRESS OUT of playing away.

One of MY FAVOURITE projects at the moment is the silent mobile music gatherings we’re holding around the UK at well known National Trust sites. Being able to POWER UP and get the crowd going in the middle of a forest with my iPhone, Silent Disco app, mobile mixer and headphones is essential to the commercial success of these gigs.  I have to be able to TRUST my kit and my back up power supply.

Kandy-Kidd_02If I had to condense all the things I love about my work into one thing I guess it all boils down to music…MAKING MUSIC IS IN MY SOUL.

 “I don’t care if it’s Digital, I don’t care if it’s Vinyl…My goal as DJs is to rock a crowd. Period!”

Favourite gigs/industry events?

miamiWinter Music Conference, Miami, FL

The Winter Music Conference is one of the most well known annual music gatherings. WMC attracts thousands of artists and music industry delegates from 70 countries each year for a concentrated schedule of more than 500 events, parties, seminars and workshops. It may sound like fun to some people, but for me the WMC means a lot of work and very little sleep.

sxswSXSW Music and Media Conference, Austen, TX

I love Austen and really enjoy the relaxed underground vibe that still prevails at such a big industry event. SXSW gives me the opportunity to geek out on the latest technology and watch the best mix of homespun and international music acts at night.

Glastonbury Festival

Although everyone has heard of Glastonbury, I had never actually been until I played there a few years ago.  It was a fantastic experience and one I wish I had encountered earlier in my life.

DJ-Ibiza-03Ibiza International Music Summit

Pete Tong’s Ibiza International Music Summit (IMS) is one of the most important music industry gatherings in the world. IMS signals the beginning of the Ibiza season and I never miss it. A high level music industry conference attended by anyone who’s anyone in the dance music scene.

Where was your best ever night? 

I’ve worked and played at Sankeys in Manchester since starting out as a DJ – you could call it my local.

What are your DJ tips?

Know your scene
Invest in your music collection
When it comes to music, commit to educating yourself
Keep it fresh – let your style evolve
Always use high quality kit – it makes all the difference to your sound
Never underestimate the importance of marketing
It might be a party but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work…hard!

What Equipment do you carry?

Because I play a lot of quite a lot of remote silent gigs/raves I never travel without a PowerSolve 12V inverter to charge my laptop when I’m on the road.


I also carry two PowerSolve PAF10AH4 Power Banks, which gives me back up power for my iPhone, mobile mixer and my iPad.  I always charge my electronic devices before a gig and I never leave home without at least two PowerBanks so I can work while I’m travelling and have enough juice to raise the roof when I get to my destination.


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