Emma Harris a Rock Climber from West London

PowerSolve talks to Emma Harris. A rock climber and teacher from East London, Emma spends the school holidays travelling around the world pursuing her passion for climbing.

What is it about climbing?

There is NO ROUTINE OR REPETITION in rock climbing.  It is the most natural way of moving while USING ALL YOUR MUSCLES.  Even the ones you did not know you have!

Climbing offers a great channel for STRESS RELEASE. You need to be 100% focussed while making your way up a wall or a piece of rock.  If there’s something on your mind, it’ll go away in no time.

It’s a pair/group sport, which involves building TRUST. You need a partner to belay you (fix you to the rock so you don’t fall too far) – you need to trust them implicitly.  Without exaggeration, you lay your life in your partner’s hands.  Many relationships become stronger after a rock climbing experience.

Climber-portrait_04You build your muscles and your CONFIDENCE when you climb.  It feels so good to climb all the way up a route when you have struggled with it for a while.

You always MEET NEW PEOPLE.  In most individual or paired sports, people mind their own business. Talking to strangers is not part of the game.  Climbing centres are buzzing with people that love sharing their enthusiasm, skills and experiences with each other.

One of the main reasons that people are attracted to rock climbing is the fact that it involves PROBLEM SOLVING.  I will tackle and conquer a difficult route in a totally different way to my climbing partner.  Technique takes you further than just strength.

Climber-portrait_03Climbing inspires you to GET INTO NATURE.  Fresh air, beautiful scenery, magnificent mountains…YOU!

ANYONE CAN DO IT.  I have met aspiring climbers of 3-years old and highly experienced ultra-nimble septuagenarians. Age, gender and size do not matter! Climbing is for everyone.

What else…oh yeah IT’S GREAT FUN!


Where do/have you climbed?

Snowdonia, Wales

I love Snowdonia.  You can find some of the best and most varied rock climbing in the British Isles in this beautiful range of mountains.


Climber-lakeThe Lake District

The Lakes of Cumbria are steeped in climbing heritage and full of opportunities to climb, with England’s highest concentration of mountains and fells in the region. My parents have a holiday home in the area, which is how I first got into climbing when I was a kid.

Climber-The-Peak-DistrictThe Peak District

With more than 10,000 recorded climbs, it’s not surprising that the Peak District is one of the most popular climbing areas in the UK. I try to climb here as often as possible.




The Dolomites is THE place if you’re into big wall rock climbing.  Some of my most physically challenging climbs have been here.


Where was your best climb?

Mount Khuiten, Mongolia.  It’s a magical place.

What are your tips on climbing?

Always have the last word on your safety
Respect the weather
Invest in your kit and use it well…especially your ropes
Don’t rush
Drink plenty
Know yourself
Be prepared for any situation


What Equipment do you carry?

If we’re in an accident or get lost during an expedition we HAVE to be able to make contact with the outside world.


I always carry my PowerSolve SOL1850 Solar Power Bank, which gives me back up power for my iPhone, the emergency sat phone, GPS, camera and my iPad Mini.  Although I charge my electronic devices before an expedition, my PowerSolve Power Bank recharges via solar as well as mains electricity. This means I can re charge at lodgings, in the van or during a climb.  Having the right back up power means I never worry about the battery life of my essential devices when I’m on the move.


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