Chris Beasley, The Carp Fanatic

Powersolve talks to Chris Beasley, a Carp fisherman and electronics engineer from Newbury


Why fishing?

I started fishing when I was 10 on local rivers and streams, I soon discovered the escapism, tranquillity, sometimes the isolation, anticipation and the unknown you experience by the water, but above all the excitement of the capture, often after many hours ofdusk using every trick in the book to lure the monster sized fish onto my bait.

This excitement is only surpassed when the elusive big one is landed, and weighs in as a record breaking catch. 

During the sometimes very long periods waiting for the bite, there is a great opportunity to let the pressures of a hectic life just drift away.

Where are your favourite fishing places?

I go wherever the big Carp are, both in the UK and France, so far.   I have a number of favourites like Dinton Pastures and Pingewood Lagoon that I fish at weekends, and some are fairly local so I can get the odd nights fishing in during the week.

Chris with Carp

Lake 1 (3)

I am always on the lookout for new unspoilt locations, this takes quite a bit of research and many hours of fishing, if I am lucky it usually pays off in the end.

I do an annual trip to France for a week, it’s a long drive but for 5 days of non-stop fishing it’s well worth it!

What’s your biggest catch so far?

This one, 45Lb-14oz called Triple Row

Triple Row


What equipment do you take?

Because I often do 72 hours or more on the bank I tend to take quite a lot!  As well as the obvious fishing stuff like rods, reels, rigs, landing nets, mats, scales, bait etc etc I have to set up my “house” on the bank.  Bivvy v closeThis is my bivvy which is kitted out with everything to cater for eating, sleeping, drinking(!). Because there is usually no mains power I take a couple of power banks for my mobile, ipad and camera. I particularly like the PCM11AH2 power bank, this will charge my phone 4 or 5 times, and it’s camo design fits in well with everything else and has the added bonus of being waterproof.PCM11AH2-1

My latest gadget is a LMP10AH4 10,400 mAh (4 phone charges!) power bank with a built in 3Watts light, it’s also waterproof and has a hook to hang in my bivvy;  handy when you are making a bacon sandwich at 3 in the morning.






I take pictures of all the decent fish I catch as a record, it would be a disaster if the camera battery was dead having landed the biggest fish yet so I also take a 10 Watt solar panel (SOL10WP) with a USB output, this allows me to charge all my devices and keep the power bank topped up at the same time.

Typical application showing solar panel charging power bank with mobile phone charged from power bank battery


I also like to keep up to date with the football and other sports like F1, so my ipad is on most of the time, again having constant power from my power banks, and solar panel is essential.


 Bivvy lighter









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