Carl Baker a Night Fisherman from Peterborough

PowerSolve talks to Carl Baker, a night fishing enthusiast and mechanical engineer from Peterborough.

What is it about fishing?

Fisherman_01My wife says fishing is an excuse to get away from her and the kids [laughs]. I’m a mechanical engineer by day and my job requires a lot of concentration, attention to detail and physical effort. With fishing I just enjoy sitting by the water, listening to the sound of the great outdoors, WATCHING THE SUN SET and waiting for the Carp to take the bait. You could say that fishing is the only sport where you can get away with BEING LAZY.

 Fisherman_02I’ve never needed much sleep and enjoy being up when everyone else is in bed. Night fishing takes PATIENCE and being still. Fishing is also a time for me to catch up on the latest movie releases and box sets that my wife won’t let me watch at home. When it gets dark and my gear is all set up, I POWER UP my tablet, stick my headphones in and start watching. I’ve just finished True Detective, which was just brilliant and World War Z was good too.

Fisherman_03Although you see a few friendly faces around the lake, fishing is quite a SOLITARY SPORT, but that’s what I love about it. Unadulterated PEACE and QUIET…until my bite alarm goes off. Then it’s all hands on deck.

I’m a fairly light sleeper, especially on overnight fishing sessions, but I always make sure I carry my rechargeable bite alarm just in case. You don’t want to sleep through GOOD CARP ACTION. My mate Ken, a fellow angler and carp fishing enthusiast, is an extremely heavy sleeper and has a remote tuned into his alarm frequency so that he never misses out.

Where are the best fishing spots in the UK?

Creedy-LakesCreedy Lakes, Crediton, Devon

We come to Deven every year in the school holidays.  My oldest boy and I spend time out at the Creedy Lakes fishing for Koi, Mirror and Common carp. The wildlife is fantastic too. We’ve seen deer and rare birds out here.  It’s beautiful.

Beaver-FisheryBeaver Fishery, Lingfield, Surrey

Back in the day my wife and I used to come down to Beaver Fishery in Lingfield.  They have chalets you can rent out on the lakes.  It was very romantic.  Campfire, stars, good fishing and cheaper than a fancy hotel.  These days I come for the odd boys’ weekend with Ken.

Furnace-Mill-FisheriesFurnace Mill Fisheries, Wyre Forest, Worcestershire

Furnace Mill is a really good spot for carp and it’s a nice set up too. The fishery is in Wyre Forest, north Worcestershire.  It’s only a couple of hours from home and we often come for the day as a family and round it off with a pub dinner.

CarpWhat’s your biggest catch? 

A 51lb Mirror carp! He was an ugly beggar.

What are your tips?

 Be organised – set up your kit
Always have a backup power source
Get a good nightlight and a head torch
Use a single skin shelter in summer
Tie a load of rigs in advance
Invest in a good bed-chair & the best bit alarm system you can find


What Equipment do you carry?

Fisherman-Power-BankI was lucky enough to get a Prologic Wireless USB Alarm system when it was in stock.  They’ve been discontinued and I know plenty of guys that would pay me double what I paid to get their hands on these bad boys.

To make sure I have enough back up power for my alarm and movies, I use a PowerSolvePSB3800 Power Bank.  It never fails me. The PSB3800 has an LED flash light, making it an essential part of my night fishing kit and it also charges my phone.  I like to say good night to the kids and the wife before they turn in for the night so I’m never caught out by my phone dying.  I got my first PowerSolve after running out half way through a Breaking Bad box set.  It was a disaster.

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